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User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping is an approach to organising and prioritising user stories. Popularised by agile process coach Jeff Patton, they turn flat, abstract backlogs into a crystal clear slices through your software.

They bring your backlog to life by mapping stories along the timeline of a user goal. Story mapping also helps:

  • Facilitate better conversations with stakeholders, developers, and customers by allowing them to ‘walk the map’.
  • Find holes in our thinking and highlight missing stories.
  • Shows the relationship of larger stories (steps in our map) to child ones.
  • Clarify the completeness of your backlog.
  • Provide a tangible context for prioritisation.
  • Plan releases in complete and valuable slices.

How it works:

Specify a User Goal

A goal is an end to end process that delivers value for your business and/or its users.

Explore Goal Steps

Each goal will have a start and end point, with steps in between. How many steps are required will depend on the complexity of the goal and the users involved. These steps become the backbone of our User Story Map.

Story Generation

Using the goal steps as our backbone, we add user stories at each point in the process. Some stories will be vital for a goal to be completed (these will form your first iteration for the given goal), with other less critical stories delivered later. We prioritise the stories for each step next.


At this stage in the process we review the story map and assess which stories are essential to deliver the value from a completed goal. There are a variety of techniques at our disposal to assign importance to a story, and we work with you to find one that fits.

Bringing the Story Map to life.

We believe in moving from abstract problems to real solutions as rapidly as possible. As soon as our maps are understood and validated, we’ll start to explore new interface and workflow concepts to meet the goals we’ve defined.

User story mapping gives you greater control over your product backlog and greater visibility of what future releases may look like. Ultimately it allows for better budgetary planning and the delivery of features that will add value to your customers. We’ve been through this process many times, and would love to show you the benefits.

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