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User Research

Research fuels every design decision we make. Whether it is contextual inquiries, user interviews, usability testing, analytics or something else, our designs are based on evidence.

All of our designers do their own research so they can hear customer and business needs firsthand.

Every project is different but research will typically begin with stakeholder interviews to understand project aims, risks and concerns. Then we will spend time with subject matter experts to thoroughly understand the domain, this will give us the knowledge to have effective conversations with users.


Once we are primed with domain knowledge we will start meeting with customers either through contextual inquiries and/or user interviews. Contextual inquiries are one of our favourite techniques because they allow us to observe the customer carrying out their usual activities in their own environment (hence ‘contextual’). We are able to pick up on details that would otherwise be missed and come away with a long list of ideas for improvements and new features.

We can also conduct quantitative research using tools such as Google Analytics to understand pageviews, behaviour flows and conversions, and Hotjar for heat maps and click-by-click recordings.

Contextual enquiry enables us to identify the metrics of success for the project as well as understand what existing features are not being used, allowing for evidence-based development & feature decisions.

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