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With the high performance and responsive nature of computer and device applications now commonplace, user expectations of how web applications should perform are becoming more demanding. These demands often call for a desktop like experience delivered over the web.

To help address that demand, most of the web applications we build are now delivered as a Single Page Application (SPA). SPAs use JavaScript and asynchronous calls to dynamically load page data and content to create fluid applications that avoid page load & wait times associated with traditional web pages.

Although JavaScript enabled browsers are commonplace, large IT functions can be slower to adopt browser upgrades in client & subscriber organisations. When this occurs, a trade off needs to be made between the proportion of the user base likely to encounter reduced services and the cost of catering for a specific product need. One solution is to provide functionality that gracefully degrades/enhances depending on browser compatibility.

Where the cost benefit of degrading or enhancing functionality has not been positive,  we’ve also worked with clients to help frame launch strategies, timing and end user communications to help move them along the browser upgrade path.

Our experience in delivering high quality SPAs drives the delivery of a best-in-class user experience – demonstrated through winning an award for Digital Innovation (and shortlisted for best UX) for our work with Glenigan, a complex SPA built on a Salesforce back end. If you’re considering the development or rebuild of a web application, get in touch to find out the latest in best practice.

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