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Product Strategy

We’re often asked to help our clients’ product teams develop specific data product strategy. Our specialisation in this area means we can offer a wealth of niche product experience to our clients.

Roadmap Development

Our experts offer valuable insights into data product roadmapping whether you have an in-house product team or not, advising on both short term priorities and long term vision.

Not sure how to manage your roadmap? We can guide you through the offline and online options at your disposal.

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Launch Strategy

Start small or big bang? Migrate all existing customers at launch or run a beta phase? Free trials for new customers?

There are a lot of questions to consider when launching your new data product. Whether a brand new offering or a reimagining of your current product, we can advise on a launch strategy that’s right for you.

Product Metrics

Having access to quantitative product data is important, but making sure you’re measuring the right thing is a critical step.

Finding the metrics that matter can feel overwhelming. Our expert term can help you decipher your own product data and advise on how to use it alongside qualitative insights.

Feature Choices

The Kano Model is an effective, simple method for assessing a customer’s expectations of your product or service by plotting user’s need on a simple axis of satisfaction and investment.

It’s fantastic for distinguishing between basic features and potentially innovative product ideas, helping you better assess where to focus your efforts based on potential return on investment.

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In the Kano Model, user needs and features are assessed as Basic Expectations, Satisfiers, and Delighters.

Basic Expectations

Your customer’s must haves. Without them, users will usually feel frustrated and unsatisfied with their experience. You don’t shout about must-haves; they’re assumed requirements and should not not be over invested in as returns diminish once the expectation is met.

A basic expectation of data product could be fast access to accurate raw data, without analysis tools or visualisation.


Features with clear, marketable customer value. Investment in satisfiers often correlates with similar levels of customer satisfaction in a Kano model analysis.

In your data product, Satisfiers may include workflow tools for analysis or reporting which have tangible time or money saving benefits.


Concepts with the ability to surprise and delight due to unexpected value or novelty in the user’s experience. A small investment in this area can result in high levels of customer satisfaction. Delighters can be harder to unearth and often require some level of speculative investment to deliver. The return on your investment can be great, as delighters leave a memorable distinction compared to your competition.

Expectation Migration

Over time, your once novel Delighters or value creating Satisfiers become your customer’s Basic Expectations. A commitment to ongoing customer research and product innovation helps you remain competitive in a constantly shifting digital landscape.

At Makemedia we use the Kano Model to assess existing product features and explore the potential for new concepts in your roadmap.

We enjoy leveraging our expertise to help clients and their internal teams plan strategy for the months and years ahead, and have refined processes to work with businesses and products large and small. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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