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Makemedia specialise in online publishing. We deliver classified solutions that increase revenues and lower operational costs. Our innovative platforms drive competitive advantage for our clients across all channels; such as mobile, tablet and web. We also provide large-scale bespoke editorial websites.

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The Makemedia classifieds platform is built to help publishers:

  1. 1. Increase repeat business
  2. 2. Increase adoption of your service with advertisers and users
  3. 3. Improve and maintain competitor advantage
  4. 4. Reduce maintenance of service Classifieds
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What is a classifieds platform?

The classified platform allows publishers, online communities and online businesses to take classifieds listings and directories of services or companies online. Our focus with the platform is on providing fantastic user experience, innovations and response across a range of channels, including web, mobile and social. The platform provides return on investment for you as well as improved SEO and subscriptions.

As this is a licensed platform all clients receive updates, training and support packages.

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Infrastructure Journal: Data Insight Platform
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Market Intelligence

Makemedia understand the challenges that publishers are facing and the growing pressure to generate revenues from online products. Generating revenues from subscriptions and Paywalls has not made up for the gap left by decreasing print revenues. However, B2B publishers can derive value from data using the Makemedia market intelligence platform.

Using market intelligence, or data insight, products generates substantial income from smaller numbers of subscribers. Makemedia have proven experience in providing systems that process large amounts of data, providing an accessible user experience for your subscribers.

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