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DevOps & Continuous Delivery

DevOps is, at its heart, a way of thinking that combines two traditionally separate teams; developers & IT operations. It allows Agile development methodologies to permeate into the delivery cycle, promoting rapid, regular deployments and facilitating ‘continuous delivery’.


We have found clear advantages to adopting this culture, both internally and for our clients:

Business Benefits
Quicker delivery of features
Increased stability of environments
More time to promote innovation (less time wasted on issue resolution and maintenance)

Technical Benefits
Software delivery in a continuous manner
Simpler management processes
Quicker problem identification & resolution

Cultural Benefits
Happier teams, with greater levels of trust
Higher productivity
Creates autonomy

Of course, releasing fast and often can mean appreciable increases in the rate of manual testing. Automated testing is the elegant solution – deploying unit tests during implementation ensures that bug fixes, refactoring or deployment minimises the chances of breaking other processes. We also know that effective automated testing augments but does not replace an excellent QA process.

Leveraging a continuous delivery model is better for users and allows feature delivery in line with budgetary requirements. Adopting the process can take time as culture adjusts, but in our opinion it’s well worth it.


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