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Data Processing

The high volume and real-time nature of today’s enterprise data products mean that data is continually being queued, analysed, categorised, augmented and stored in custom data stores and surfaced through applications such as those made by Makemedia.

Data processing logic is seldom the same between projects, and the tools we use to process data e.g. RabbitMQ, AWS services, Azure services are all evolving at a rapid pace. By continually evolving the principles and patterns we use to ingest and process wildly different data we continually learn and take advantage of the latest technologies to help improve the way we process data. The result, faster response times, more stable platforms, and an improved overall experience for the user.

We have proven and demonstrable experience in big data queuing and processing, taking archives of data, transforming processing and visualising  data. Contact us to discuss the best data solution for your needs.

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