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Our technical delivery capability is centred around delivering custom software solutions over the web. The products and functionality we typically build can not be provided by off the shelf systems, and always involve custom components to handle data processing offline before it can be surfaced through a web application.

With the recent and ongoing explosion of Platforms as a Service (PaaS) such as Force.com, Azure and AWS, developers have an increasingly powerful and flexible toolset at their fingertips. The decreasing cost of such services allows us to leverage compute power and services that a few years ago would have required exponentially larger development budgets. In addition, suites of products provided natively such as kibana and logstash within the Elasticsearch family provide a wide array of building blocks out of the box.

Inevitably we build custom software, but increasingly we are able to integrate and take advantage of cloud services to reduce development effort and provide more technically flexible solutions to our clients.

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