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Agile Development

Agile methodologies are setting the standard for how to deliver effective, functional software that delights users, at a velocity that drives revenue quickly.

The philosophy of Agile development can be found in this quotation from the Agile Manifesto: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of working software.”


Agile software development does not mean throwing away the rule book – projects still start with a defined set of requirements, but development begins sooner, with less time and money invested in developing an exhaustive and rigid feature specification over a period of months.

We use ‘story-mapping’ to flesh out product features early on – a clear picture develops of what we intend to build and features can be prioritised based on end-user requirements and a clear business case. Metrics of project success are defined at this point and we can then work to deliver against them.

The cornerstone of Agile development is communication – we will always work with our clients to put a project framework in place that all stakeholders agree upon and the overarching aim remains clear – to deliver quality digital products that satisfy the needs of the users and drive return on investment.

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