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Agile Development Teams

Agile Development Teams

In order for us to achieve early and continuous delivery of working software, we need to provide teams with a mix of skills essential for effective delivery. We believe in the importance of providing talented teams that have worked together before to build great things where communication is paramount. We work with our clients to agree how this is managed individually for each project.

Our team of experienced practitioners are supported by the following roles:

• Business Analysts,
• Database developers,
• Back end developers,
• Front end development,
• UX/UI design,
• Integrated QA,
• Delivery management

This gives our clients the ability to scale development rapidly knowing that the team are experienced and focussed on delivering against their objectives. Our development teams thrive on having creative and complex problems to solve and continue to choose to work with us and our clients time after time.

We typically need 4 weeks to spin up a development team (we’ve done it in 2 before!) and can respond to most technical stack requirements.

Blended Development Team Philosophy

We embrace having a mixed or blended team of resources from the client team as well. This aids in cultural matching, gathering requirements and communication. Client teams will usually have experience of the legacy systems we are looking to rebuild or migrate away from and this knowledge is invaluable. We love to learn and pass on learnings too; working with people with different approaches and a willingness to learn only strengthens our teams. Get in touch so that we can put together a development team for you!

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