What We Do

Experts in product strategy, UX/UI design, and all things software development.

What We Do

At Makemedia we find creative software solutions to the trickiest problems. Our experienced consultants enjoy collaborating with you to address your business challenges. Whether its implementing a new architecture, processing big data, visualising complex data or designing a new search interface that doesn’t frustrate your users, we will provide the right expertise to ensure we implement the right solution.

Product Strategy

We work with you to develop a cohesive vision for your product and make it a reality. Coupled with our customer-led approach, our experience in delivering premium subscription-based products enables us to minimise risk and maximise ROI.

Product strategy
Modern development values

Modern Development Values

We slash waste by building incrementally from prototype to working software and testing regularly with users. Story mapping produces a clear picture of the intended product and a shared understanding amongst the team that enables us to prioritise features for development and proportion effort to where it is needed most.

User Experience Design

Customer centric design is at the heart of our approach. We use Design Thinking to develop experiences that exceed expectations and delight your users.

User experience design
Technical innovation

Technical Innovation

We love solving tricky technical problems for businesses and organisations by using cutting edge technologies to uncover the value in large, complex data-sets.

On occasion, existing technology stacks can create inertia in a company or a digital product; we can help interface with legacy technology, building in new systems to sit alongside or assist in rebuilding a product from the ground up.

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence has become a critical component of modern business. Every company is collecting data, but not everyone harnessing its full potential.

Data intelligence
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