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Commercial Motor:
building business through classifieds

Screengrab of Commercial Motor classified plaform

A competitive environment for publishers

A common challenge facing publishers, organisations and online communities is developing revenue streams, based on the brand loyalty developed within their core user base. Set against the background of the increasingly competitive advertising market the issue is rapidly becoming a priority for those wishing to grow online.

Makemedia have responded to this need by developing a classifieds and directories platform and using our specialist experience in the industry sector to advise on successful digital strategies.

Image of Commercial Motor listing

Generating successful B2B classifieds

RTM realised these challenges and contacted Makemedia to build a classified website for the Commercial Motor brand. We used the Makemedia classified platform to build responsively designed listings that would work across mobile and tablet devices. The listings incorporate our platforms latest features in search functionality and social media integration.

Makemedia also built the editorial side of the website by using an open source platform and seamlessly integrating this with the classified listings.

Listing example circled

What is an eClassified platform?

The classified platform allows publishers, online communities and online businesses to take classifieds listings and directories of services or companies online. Our focus with the platform is on providing fantastic user experience, innovations and response across a range of channels, including web, mobile and social. The platform provides return on investment for you as well as improved SEO and subscriptions.

As this is a licensed platform all clients receive updates, training and support packages.

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