What is HTML5 and how can it help you?

By Ben Dykes

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You will have heard the term HTML5 and how it’s a big deal for the future, especially for publishers, but wondered what it actually means for you so I wanted to write a blog that explains basically what HTML5 is and how it will benefit your business.

Why HTML5?

The technology and the way that we use the web is changing with popularity of mobile devices (50% of phone users in the UK now use a Smartphone) and increasing expectations of our audiences. These audiences expect engagement and a top end user experience, otherwise they will look for this elsewhere – 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone and 57% are unlikely to recommend the site (What Users Want From Mobile Survey).

HTML5 was designed to standardise the language used to build websites, with the added benefit that it’s features provide for great user experiences and allow coders to provide more engagement on their websites.


What are the benefits of HTML5?

More Engagement.

  • Supports modern multimedia, e.g. more standardised video embedding. .
  • Allows the storage of data offline, so users can access website information later despite not having a connection.

Mobile Friendly.

  • Features built with consideration for being run on low powered devices, such as a smart phone.
  • Consistently understood by computers and devices.

Technically accesible.

  • Code is still easily readable to humans so better performance is matched by accessability.
  • Backwards compatible with old browsers, therefore, you will not risk excluding audiences who are yet to catch up on technology.


What are the weaknesses of HTML5?

There are still things the HTML5 cannot do. For example, unlike Flash, HTML5 cannot support animations. This can be done by supplementing with other code, such as CSS3 or Javascript.


So should I use it to build my new website?

When it comes to developing your website it should be judged on your own business’ needs, targets and budget as to what would be the best way to do this – whether that is using HTML5 or other languages. However, HTML5 is the future when it comes to standardised HTML language.

Makemedia use HTML5 and all industry standard web languages and platforms to build websites – we will work with you to find out which is the best solution based on your business’ needs and budget. To find out more please do get in touch by calling 0845 017 8777 or by emailing info@makemedia.com.

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