Top 5 tips for your digital marketing – from BrightonSEO & BDMF

By Ben Dykes

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Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton really is a hub for digital innovation – you only have to look at all the events happening during the Brighton Digital Festival to see the passion that people have for the industry here.

This week I went to BrightonSEO, a conference often considered controversial, and the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival, organised by our pals at Pure360. A big “thank you” and kudos to the organisers and all the speakers at these events for the opportunity to discuss ideas. Here are some of the main points of importance I’ve picked up at these events.

1, It’s all about mobile.

You are missing out if you don’t have something out there for mobile users (which includes tablets, not just phones). Think about this:

  • Is your website user-friendly for mobile users? Responsive design means your website works for desktop, phone and tablet users.
  • If you are selling online having an M-commerce offering will help you to sell more.
  • Are you emailing customers? You need to consider how people will be viewing email on mobile devices in terms of design and how you are encouraging people to engage with you.

2, Panda will be affecting your website!

If you’re wondering what cute bears have to do with your website, here’s more about Google’s Panda update and why it will affect your website’s position in search listings. Top tips for dealing with Panda:

  • Just make a really good website – consider design and user experience and don’t overwhelm it with ads.
  • Put some really good content in there, Panda knows the difference (see point 3 for tips here).
  • Socialise! See points 4 and 5.

3, Using awesome apps and content will bring people to your site (and their friends)

Creating an interesting feature on your website will get it shared. Dave Peiris of SharkSEO looked at sites such as Just Buy This One (find the best product under £x) and Uptime Robot (monitors your websites) as examples of features that visitors will find useful and share with others.

44% of sharing is done through Facebook alone, which brings me onto my next point…

4, Get social!

I’ve been asked by a client, “why should I have a social media presence, what is the ROI?” Here are just some of the beneficial points of having a good strategy in place:

  • It will boost you up search listings – Panda rewards social media presence.
  • Dialogue! Conversation with your customers will help you understand what they want. Also, bear in mind that you are not the only voice of your brand these days.
  • RISK – if you are not conversing with customers and your competitors are, who do you think will be more successful in the long term?

My top tip is to research your audience and what social media they use, then put your energy into those channels – there’s no point being all over Facebook when all your clients are on LinkedIn.

5, Get ready for Google+

Google+ gained over 20m users in the first month, it’s the new big thing for social media. Expect business accounts to be available soon but for now get on there with a personal account and find out what it’s about.

Think about all the other brands Google owns (like YouTube) and you’ll realise the impact that Google+ will be capable of.

You can call myself, Rob or Nick to chat about how Makemedia can help you to create an engaging digital feature, a Panda-proof website or mobile-ise your website on 0845 017 8777.

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