MindTheProduct Conference London 2016

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The Makemedia team love to deliver successful products for clients, and love to learn how others do the same, so with the MindTheProduct conference coming to The Barbican, London this autumn, some of us made the trip to The Barbican for the one day conference.

The conference brought together product professionals from across the globe and hosted speakers from companies such as Facebook & True Ventures, as well as noted authors.

Highlights for the Makemedia team included:

  • Tim Harford gave his TED talk on using frustration to feed creativity. He uses a great example, well worth a watch here.
  • Marty Cagan highlighted unsung Product Managers from Microsoft Word, Netflix, Google Adwords, BBC mobile, iTunes, and Adobe Creative Cloud. The key takeaway here was each has passion, a wide remit, as wide a CEO, no power, but immense influence. The Product Manager needs to be the product’s evangelist to create great products.
  • Jeff Veen spoke about creating and nurturing a culture for success, focusing on how to engender psychological safety in an organisation.

The other speaker who resonated deeply was Simon Cross, a Product Manager at Facebook. As a product that over 1.7 billion users are intimately familiar with, Simon talked about how some of Facebook’s cornerstone features came about by employees using their influence and persuasion. Again, a fascinating talk, and well worth your time to view.

All the sessions provided valuable insight, as well as validating the way the Makemedia team organise and deliver value for our clients.

The day ultimately provided a great opportunity to step back and think strategically, learn new techniques to apply the principles and understand how customers and suppliers can work efficiently to deliver world class products.

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