Makemedia is getting a virtual facelift, looking back at the past 12 months.

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Makemedia has been so busy working on our clients websites this past 12 months, that we haven’t really had the time to work on our own. It’s the age old story of the cobblers shoes or the plumber with a dripping tap in his home right?

We’ve been building responsive websites for just over three years now. In fact every web project we undertake, there isn’t a hesitation if we should build it to work on all devices, it just does. So it’s about time we put pedal to the metal and rebuild our own site.

Often people ask us, what does Makemedia actually do? What core services are you good at? We thought it would be a good idea to explain how our company is formed and showcase some of the projects from 2013.

Makemedia behind the scenes

So let’s start with our teams, starting at the top we have 4 founders/directors of which all have a very active part in the business and production of our clients work. We have the MD (Rob), 3D Director (Nick), Operations Director (George) and Technical Director (Ben)

Then we have our sales/commercial department who manage our existing clients and attract the news ones! Our finance team do a sterling job of managing the cash flow and day to day running of the business.

We then have two production areas that are housed under Web & 3D, within those teams we have various core skills that split the teams up even further.

For example in our 3D team we have our training and e-learning artists who create immersive 3D worlds and interactive games for our clients, we also have construction, aerospace and defence gurus who create meticulous renderings of intricate models that are used for a whole range of different purposes all around the world. Then we have our 3D mobile/tablet developers who cater for the portable market.

In our production area we have two core coding teams that work on .NET and PHP, our creative team is then split into graphics, UX, UI and then pixel perfect web designers that bring it all together. The web teams work on our publishing platforms such as data insight, directories, classifieds and helping our clients monetise their traffic and user base. Everything is responsive and works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

To oversee all this wonderful talent, the heart of Makemedia’s success is our project management team, these are the whip crackers that keep projects on time, to budget and communicate daily with our clients to be sure everything runs smoothly.

Put all these teams together and you have almost 30 people in our Brighton head office, we also have an office in Sydney that works on a 3D training facility born from the success of the ACT centre in Coventry in the UK.

Key Projects of 2013 at a glance

A quick overview of the key projects built this year, it shows our diversity within the 3D and web space.

Infrastructure Journal Online – Sold to Euromoney in October 2013 for £12.5 million
Makemedia’s Data Insight Platform / Responsive design / Self service / Payment gateway / High traffic & data volume

Love Local Jobs - East Sussex – / /
Responsive Web Design /  Multiple site skins / Central administration / Bespoke CMS

Building Learning Simulation Centre in Melbourne, Australia
Software Development /  Immersive Learning / Hardware Installation / 3D renderings and design

Classroom Learning – East Sussex County Council
Immersive Learning / Stereoscopic 3D / Animation

Used Trucks Classified Site – Road Transport Media
Makemedia’s Classified Platform ‘Parade’ /  Responsive web design / self service / payment gateway

Farmers Weekly Classified Site – Reed Business Information (RBI) – Largest B2B classified site online
Makemedia’s Classified Platform ‘Parade’ /  Responsive web design / self service / payment gateway

Wind Power Monthly Directory – Haymarket Publishing
Makemedia’s Directory Platform ‘Parade’ / Responsive design / Self service / Payment gateway 

Wrapping Up

As you can see lot’s of exciting things going on at Makemedia right now, we’re hoping our new web experience will be ready for the new year. Meanwhile if you want to talk with our team about a project you might have, use the contact us form or call us on 0845 0178777.


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