Makemedia building site simulator launches in Australia

By Ben Dykes

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Makemedia is very excited to see the launch of the Building Leadership Simulation Centre in Australia on Tuesday 7th August, a project created for the Master Builders Association of Victoria in conjunction with Schrijver Project Management.

The centre sees Melbourne become home to a world-class simulation training centre for the construction industry, with Makemedia providing 3D content, scoring system and hardware set up.

The award-winning virtual construction sites are projected onto a 15m wide 180° curved screen at the centre and are run from Presagis software, for which Makemedia are the official demo provider. The multi channel projector system runs through the Presagis Vega Prime runtime engine, with the graphics being created using Presagis Creator. Over 50,000 reference photos were used and over 500 models were created for the environment.

The centre uses 3D technology, replica site sheds and a team of trained actors to create an immersive, interactive learning environment. It will have the capacity to train thousands of building professionals a year, from project managers right through to apprentices. Not only will this training save costs in a dangerous industry, it can save lives too!

Makemedia Director Nick Wood, who has worked closely with the centre on the project, said, “After months of hard work and numerous trips to the other side of the world, we are really pleased to see the launch of the BLSC centre and to have worked so closely with Master Builders as their supplier. This is one of a number of global projects Makemedia is undertaking this year and we’re particularly proud to be showcasing British talent worldwide.”

Learn more about the centre and training offered in this video:

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