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Product innovation consultancy

It seems our reputation is getting around. George, our CEO and one of our Service designers have been tasked with running another 2 day seminar on how to build data insight products and how to get started, this time for a well respected publisher in Germany.

“Its genuinely a privilege to be asked to consult on best practice when planning to build digital data solutions, insight and intelligence products – there is a lot to consider”, says George.

We are also able to offer our opinion and advice on what we have seen work (and what hasn’t worked!) for our customers over the years. We will discuss methods for extracting and validating ideas from the organisation, ensuring that we use design practices to build the right product. Moving your product offering to more data oriented solutions triggers digital transformation, particularly for traditional media companies; and this is a big deal. We are very excited to be supporting them on this journey.

If you’d like to understand how we can support you in digital transformation, taking products from idea to build or simply how to get started, please get in touch.

Data analysis

Another challenge we were given this month was to take a bunch (ok, a very very large) set of disparate client data extracts from a variety of different sources, smush it together (technical term) and see if we can find correlations. Through a methodical and some times pain staking process, we are starting to see some correlations for further exploration. We then were able to sit as a team to brainstorm what additional data sets are out there that could augment this data and create hypotheses to benefit decision making for the client. We have a little way to go but we love a data challenge.

Data visualisation with Augmented Reality

This month sees us as Makereal hosting a VR booth at a digital publishing conference in London. We are excited to show off a number of recent projects and also some demos that we have produced showcasing the technology, its potential and our capabilities. Make[Real] see a lot of opportunity with AR (augmented reality) particularly over laying real time data visualisations to support work on site. Examples could be overlaying noise pollution data, planned construction proposals, medical applications and so on. The possibilities are endless!



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