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Wired Sussex Breakfast Session

After a very busy week working with new clients, Tom and Natasha took part in a @WiredSussex Breakfast Session to talk about the Kano model. The event started with a talk from @hayluke on using analytics as a starting point for user research and later to qualify evidence.

Tom and Natasha introduced the Kano model to the group as a method of dealing with experience rot, unfocussed investment and spiralling backlogs. The key is to plan your investment to ensure you have met your users basic expectations and have a good offering of ‘satisifier’ features to add value as well as a few ‘delighters’ that get customers talking. You can read the full story in our blog post here.

Following the talks there was a lively question and answer session covering a broad range of topics including hiring UX designers with skills that compliment the rest of your team, applying UX to writing and how to conduct user research when you don’t yet have any customers.

This awesome sketch note of the session was produced by @m_i_scribe, note the gold plated toilet!

kano model sketch note

Technical due-diligence

Last week, George and Andy went over to Washington DC to undertake some technical due diligence for an early stage data product being built by a team of internal developers. Apart from eating a lot of buffalo wings they found the client doing some amazing work with MongoDB but were also able to advise on some areas for product development process improvement and adding to their technical stack to deliver an even better customer experience. #jetlag

Automated anomaly detection in Elastic

Building on our expertise in the Elastic Stack, a few Makemedian’s listened in to “Automated anomaly detection in the Elastic Stack” webinar. It was fascinating to see how machine learning can be applied to a variety of data sets to identify problems. Examples were in web traffic monitoring, e-commerce transaction failures and tracking sensor traffic from the IoT, or the internet of toasters as its being dubbed. Register for upcoming seminars from @elastic to get access to more detailed presentations and resources.

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