Makemedia Bitesize #5

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As the team at Makemedia navigate the digital landscape we often find products, tools, websites & technologies that interest us and think will interest our peers, clients and even competitors! We thought we’d share these as a part of our Bitesize series.

Prototyping animation in Principle

We have recently started using @Principleapp for prototyping animations and love how easy it is. We have been working on quite a few data visualisations and animation really helps to break down information into chunks and focus the users attention where it’s needed. Before Principle our UX designers would work closely with developers to animate in code but now we can experiment much earlier on in design.

Make learning a lifelong habit

We’ve a diverse set of hobbies at Makemedia including photography, bowling, pottery, growing veg, orchestras, yoga and jazz bands to name a few. We enjoyed this recent article by @johnwcoleman with some practical tips for continuous learning starting by setting goals, finding a community, ignoring distractions and using technology. I have downloaded the very simple, yet effective Momentum app to motivate me to run regularly.

Lean coffee

Yesterday we held a retrospective on a recent design sprint which took the form of Lean Coffee, a format created by @ourfounder and @lightsmith. This is a really effective way of having a short group discussion that stays on topic but allows everyone to have their say.  Unfortunately we had to bring our own coffee but we’ll definitely be making it a regularly occurrence; our dev team are now planning to use it for their team meetings.

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