Makemedia Bitesize #3

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As the team at Makemedia navigate the digital landscape we often find products, tools, websites & technologies that interest us and think will interest our peers, clients and even competitors! We thought we’d share these as a part of our Bitesize series.

Five Models for Making Sense of Complex Systems by Christina Wodtke

We often have to jump into domains that are unfamiliar and complex. Recently we have worked on projects in the maritime, food & beverage, engineering and construction industries. We always start by immersing ourselves in the domain and absorbing as much as we can. To do this it helps to create diagrams both as a means of processing and digesting the information and as a communication tool. Christina Wodtke has written a great explanation of some models you can use to do this.

Inspiration from Netflix’s ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ series

Netflix’s new series wowed more than one of us in the Makemedia studio, and each of us came back with a different favourite episode, for different reasons:

  •  Platon’s (@platon) journey from childhood to the world’s power brokers to his work on The People’s Portfolio is an inspiration.
  • Christoph Niemann’s (@abstractsunday) illustrations, solo discipline & creativity give an insight into the process of an artist.
  • Bjarke Ingel’s (@BjarkeIngels) challenge to the architecture world status quo, the culture in his practice BIG and the risks/rewards of working on multiple projects.
  • Tinker Hatfield’s focus on shoe design for Nike highlighted the tremendous commercial pressures creative people can work under, and how it shapes their output.

The other four episodes focusing on automotive, graphic, interior & stage design were all equally good, so don’t ask us to pick a favourite!

Design Museum field trip

Our team recently took a trip to the new Design Museum and would thoroughly recommend it. Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World is super cool and is running until 23rd April and we also enjoyed Designer Maker User, a permanent installation on a broad range of design disciplines. Especially thought provoking was a exhibition on how technology will support older people, featuring a therapeutic robotic seal called Paro for people with dementia and a suit which helps you get out of chairs by delivering tiny shocks to the appropriate muscles.


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