Makemedia Bitesize #1

By Makemedia

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The first in an irregular series. As the team at Makemedia navigate the digital landscape we often find products, tools, websites & technologies that interest us and think will interest our peers, clients and even competitors! We thought we’d share these as a part of our TeamNotes series.

Communicating location

Makemedia often delivers products incorporating geospatial features, this alternative to lat/long, UPRN or XY co-ordinates has us intrigued.

Auth0 & multi-factor authorisation

Here at Makemedia we’re big fans of Auth0, and improving the UX & delivery of class-leading security is something Auth0 have covered!

Storymapping – beyond Post-its

Post-its are great, but sometimes you want to be able to develop and track the hastily posted ideas garnered whilst story mapping. Makemedia have used Storiesonboard for storymapping workshops in the past and regularly test out new productivity tools to improve client delivery.

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