Euromoney acquires Infrastructure Journal for £12.5 million

By Robin Scott

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It is always a proud day for any company when one of your clients is positively impacted by a direct result of your hard work. Yesterday it was officially announced that Euromoney purchased Infrastructure Journal for £12.5 million.

Infrastructure Journal is a leading information source for the international infrastructure markets. Its business model is centred on premium subscription content that tracks market activity and is delivered in real-time through its online platform ( which is accessible from desktops, tablets and smartphones. Infrastructure Journal also runs a portfolio of events which includes conferences, forums and awards attended by senior investment professionals, industry practitioners and advisors. The prestigious Infrastructure Journal Awards are held annually in London.


The data insight platform was an integral part of the sale and is mentioned in the official press release, Makemedia was awarded this project almost three years ago and at the time it was one of the first and largest responsive websites online. Makemedia undertook a massive data migration project to move 66,000 articles, 10,000 projects and transactions and 11,000 company listings over to the new website.

Tables and large data display has historically been a tricky one for small devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Data graphs were designed to interpret data in an accessible way and are updated on a real-time basis – meaning IJ Online retains its place as a market leader and its reputation for innovation and delivering value for subscribers. Makemedia gained instant industry respect when we rolled out this site with some extremely creative ways to display the data on the varying display sizes. Visit from a desktop computer and change the width of your browser window to see for yourself!

We also created an innovative way to attract new users without giving them a virtual tour or asking for registration, our experience shows that asking for information from a user upfront causes significant bounce rates, yes it’s nice to have contact data to try and sell an abandoned shopping cart – but in reality providing just a handful of real results with key information blurred out and limiting to 5 search results had a massive positive effect on signups. (See image below)

Makemedia is looking forward to developing the site further with Euromoney and are very excited about the possibilities and future ahead for the website.

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