A week as an intern at Makemedia by Juliette Bartlett

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My name is Juliette and my dad is a Senior Project Manager at Makemedia, so as work experience I spent a week at the Makemedia studio in Brighton.

On my first day i was introduced to the company and what Makemedia do, learning about all the different roles that go into running the company. I was also able to sit in on a recruitment meeting with George, the Ceo. Throughout the week, I had the opportunity to work towards and complete Google’s Digital Garage certification.

On Tuesday, I carried on with the google workshop and learnt more about digital marketing. After lunch I did some system testing on one of the applications Makemedia is working on for an engineering client. I found 2 bugs and was shown how they are recorded and resolved.

On Wednesday, I went round the different departments and got a brief overview on what they did and how they manage their work. I spent time in the finance department with Sara, understanding the invoice process. Then I spent time with Natasha and was introduced to User Experience or “UX”. After lunch I visited a Development Conference at the Metropole hotel; where Tammeka, a Makemedia sister company were showing their Radial G game. I then carried on working towards my google certificate.













On Thursday I carried on with Google course and started writing this post.

On Friday, I finished Google’s Digital Garage course and passed the exam as well as having some time using a ship tracking website that is being built for a big client.












Work experience at Makemedia was an interesting and enriching week for me and it gave me a good overview on what a workplace is like.

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