Stereoscopic Action

This is an old post – see our latest 3D work here.

Once again the intrepid travellers set off on a journey of discovery. This time we ended up at the BETTs show in London. We weren’t just following our noses, we had a purpose, a mission, a goal. We were there to investigate stereoscopic systems, content and providers. Yes we are travelling down that road and with glasses it has just become more realistic!
Makemedia are teaming up with 4Science to produce revolutionary learning programs. We are integrating 3D with S3D (stereoscopic 3D) to provide compelling narratives and a fascinating taste of what the future of education will be. These easy to follow pathways, combined with informative visuals will help clarify some of the wider world of learning, offering visual keys to some of the more abstract and difficult to grasp concepts that face students today. In order to test our Stereoscopic theories we have implemented an Anaglyph version to our Jarrow Project and wow it really works!

If anyone thought education was dull .. they’ll be impressed now.

So there we were in BETTs in London. We saw how throughout the world companies are rising to the challenge of creating the future not just watching it happen, and there we were ready to take our place, for soon we will be their leaders!

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