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Simulation, Education, and Training

Makemedia are experts in providing award-winning, innovative 3D projects across the training, education and simulation industries. We provide interactive, engaging and immersive 3D visualisations for use on the web or in offline installations - we can also help with the set up of display technologies.

Makemedia provide high quality, large-scale 3D simulation projects and content and have won the Presagis Award for Best Visualization Application for the ACT-UK industrial training system. As well as providing simulation demos to Presagis, Makemedia also specialises in creating 3D projects for commercial sectors including industrial training, education, sport stadiums and venues.

Airbase Simulation
hafb image

Full project management including:

  • 3D content creation
  • Software licensing
  • Hardware delivery

Servicing industries including:

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Venues
  • Sports

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Teaching in a 3D virtual learning environment is proven to obtain better results than standard teaching methods. Makemedia will work with you to create the ideal learning tool, whether that is an exciting stereoscopic 3D presentation or an interactive 3D environment that the individual user can become immersed in.

East Sussex County Council
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Improve test results

3D in the classroom improves test results by an average of 17% and 86% of pupils in 3D classrooms improved in test results.

Improve attention

92% of the class paying attention during 3D lessons compared to 46% in the traditional learning environment.

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Makemedia are award-winning providers of highly immersive training environments for use either on the web or in offline installations. These solutions are proven to cut costs, improve skills and generate revenues for training providers. We are experienced in exporting to large international companies, and building stereoscopic 3D projects and can assist with technical display solutions.

ACT-UK Construction Training Simulator
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Our vision for a centre of training, innovation and excellence was matched by Makemedia's desire to develop 3D and software content, which exceeded out expectations of what could be achieved. As a result we are now a true partnership, rather than a client and supplier.
Michael Schrijver, ACT-UK

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